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The Story of Meats to Sweets

It wasn't ever really an idea. My love of being in the kitchen just one day turned into an idea of bringing that love to others. After studying art and enjoying the mix of colors and textures, I started playing around with different foods and looked at cheese and charcuterie boards as pieces of art. Of course, I want them to taste just as good as they look. Part of the fun of creating the perfect board is finding unique foods that compliment each other well, both from a taste and artistic point of view.

Back to the love of being in the kitchen... cooking and baking have always been a part of my life, both growing up and in establishing my own home. In considering a charcuterie business, I wanted to set it apart from the others out there and, also, personalize it.

That is where the "Sweet" in Meats to Sweets comes in. I decided that to bring my passion of baking to each board, I would include a homemade sweet. A board may include a type of fudge, pralines, chocolate covered items or other made from the heart goodies. 

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